Hi, My name is Nermin. I have always been a creator of food. I remember days with my head (whole head) in the bowl licking up left over cake batter from my mum’s cakes. While my neighbours were outside riding bikes or playing with barbies I was up on the kitchen bench wanting to whisk eggs for the cake batter, waiting patiently for it to finish baking so that I could get on to the fun part- cake decorating.

Here I am years later, doing what i know and love the most- Creating cakes and all things delicious. 


For the Sukar brand, flavour comes first. Everything we make right down to the biscuit base of a cheesecake went through a trialled and refined process until we could gladly hand it over to our customers, knowing that they will savour every mouthful. To achieve that, only the best and most fresh ingredients are used.


We pride ourselves on creating cake and food that not only taste amazing but have a distinctly beautiful finish. When you work with us you know that you won’t get a run of the mill done to death design. A Sukar cake makes a statement in an understated way. We shy away from flamboyant, lollipop type cakes. Our style is sophisticated with a love for texture, detail and patterns. We then weave those principles into a personalised design that is a reflection of you.